Project Structure

The root contains the following files:

/.htaccess - controls access at the operating system level to all files and directories, including nested subdirectories; consider some commands:

#php_flag display_errors on
#php_value error_reporting -1

If you uncomment the lines, the server will display errors on the screen execution from the moment the file is started public/index.php.

Require all denied-denies access to all files without exception of the directory via the browser.

/composer.json , /composer.lock - files settings for the manager Composer
/config-dist.php , /config.php - configuration files the project; immediately after installation, the first file must be renamed to second; description of the settings in the section "Project settings"

Directory /modules

/modules - the directory contains PHP classes, i.e. the executable files themselves for the Backend
/modules/Controller.php - main controller
/modules/Core/Core.php - the "Core Framework" module
/modules/Core/Database - module for working with database
/modules/Core/Helpers - the module contains helper functions
/modules/Core/Lang - multi-language support module
/modules/Core/Route - routing module
/modules/Core/User - authorization module
/modules/Core/View - module views

Directory /public

/public - the root directory of the site
/public/. htaccess - controls access at the operating system level to files and folders in the public directory, including nested subfolders; contains the code:

# allow the browser to access all files and folders in the public directory
    Require all granted
# prohibits access to all files with the json extension
    <FilesMatch "\.(json)$">
        Require all denied

/public/index.php - start file, contains:

// connects the file autoloader
    & nbsp;require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';
// starts the project for execution

here, a() is a helper function that references the main class controller from the /file modules/Controller.php, and run () is a method that performs running the project
< / p>

/public/addon - contains add-ons for < a href="/core/doc/10/en">Frontend :

/bootstrap4 - library files Bootstrap 4
/bootstrap5 - library files Bootstrap 5
/jquery - library files jQuery
/tinemce - online editor library file TinyMCE

/public/files - contains files that are always available for download

Directory /public/view

/public/view - contains project page templates in the format of the Blade template engine
/public/view/default - default theme
/public/view/default/core/main - home page folder
/public/view/default/core/main/index.blade.php - home page template
/public/view/default/core/lang - folder language support
/public/view/default/core/lang/ru.json - contains the interface text in Russian
/public/company - contains optional layout elements , related to the customer company of the software product; example: company logo
/public/product - contains optional layout elements < /a> related to the software product; example-the program logo

Directory /temp

/temp - temporary files
/temp/blade - compiled templates
of the Blade template engine

Directory /vendor

/vendor - third-party programs used in your project
/vendor/autoload.php - contains file autoloader
/vendor/composer - executable files of the program Composer
/vendor/eftec/bladeone - executable files of the Blade template engine
/vendor/nikic/fast-route - library for working with FastRoute routes
/vendor/artoodetoo/junc - library for setting FastRoute routes using nested arrays